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Yet the edifice received repairs and several additions in 1809. Third oldest city in South Carolina, Georgetown is significant historically, militarily, agriculturally and architecturally. Included in the plan were 174.5 acres for the town and 100 acres for a commons.

The town acreage was divided into blocks by five streets running at right angles to the river. The oldest existing structure in Georgetown is a dwelling which dates from ca. There are approximately twenty-eight additional 18th century structures as well as eighteen buildings erected during the 19th century prior to the Civil War.

If you would like to purchase a copy or need a gift for that “hard-to-buy-for friend,” the books are available at the Darlington County Historical Commission, located at 204 Hewitt St. It can also be ordered from Amazon, by typing in the book title, for .The burning of buildings, particularly churches, was customary for the enemy troops as they left an area in the face of defeat.Due to the fact that the exterior of Prince George is built of load-bearing brick walls, it is my opinion that the fire consumed only the interior components and the wooden roof structure of the building., contacted me to ask if I was ready to submit another church article, I jumped at the opportunity to talk about one of my “old friends” that is explored in detailed in the book.Prince George, Winyah is truly a functional historical jewel in South Carolina.

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