Computer clock not updating vista

There are some disadvantages to automatic updating however and some computer experts even go as far as suggesting that automatic updates should be turned off. There are a number of advantages to turning off automatic updates, such as:- The Windows Genuine Advantage ‘update’ shown in action here collects information from your PC in an attempt to combat piracy.Some users are angry at such intrusive efforts to thwart piracy and have therefore disabled automatic updates.

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We recommend that most users choose the “Install updates automatically (recommended)” setting.Check and see if it is Started and set on Automatic. In such a case, you may want to re-register dll file. To do so, open a command prompt as an Administrator, type regsvr32 w32and hit Enter.If not, change the startup type to Automatic and click on Apply/OK. W32tm.exe, located in the System32 folder, is used to configure Windows Time service settings.The synchronization settings are under the Internet Time tab.If your Windows 10 Clock Time is wrong, the first thing to do is to find out if your Windows Time service is set on Automatic and Started, else you may see the error message: The Windows Time service is not running. In Services Manager, navigate to Windows Time service and double-click on it. If you find that the Windows Time service fails to start with Error 1079, you may want to ensure that the service is being started by the Local System account instead of by the Local Service account (NT AUTHORITY\Local Service). You get an error box: The system cannot find the path specified.

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