Dating after loss of wife

reported that celeb chefs, Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis were spotted heating up their relationship while out on the town.However, Giada's reps have quickly denied any relationship between the two Food Network stars.His suspicions were confirmed when he saw his wife meeting up with a guy in a SUV in the parking lot of a local CVS drug store.“I was shocked," his wife Donna said. I never thought it would be used against me.”Donna has never spoken before about the day her husband caught her with another guy but she is now breaking her silence to Inside Edition. As far as he was concerned, the marriage was over and Donna moved out.She said she only met the man a few times and “was becoming friendly with someone I probably shouldn’t have.”When he showed her the drone video, Donna explained that it was just the beginnings of a flirtation that would never have developed into a full-blown affair but her husband found it hard to believe her.“She was crying her eyes out and I’m yelling, ‘You don’t get to cry. Now, one year later, the couple is trying to salvage their relationship.Wanting to slim down for her family, the Warwickshire mother chose not to take diet pills or have a gastric band fitted and instead lost weight purely by switching to a vegan diet and doing yoga every day.She's now a svelte 11.5 stone and a size 12 to 14 but has been left with a lot of loose skin from when she was much larger.

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Initially Gemma starved herself on a crash diet, losing three stone in four months.

Read: Amid Cheating Claims, Kevin Hart's Ex Says He Was With Current Wife While Still Married to Her " data-reactid="39" Read: Amid Cheating Claims, Kevin Hart's Ex Says He Was With Current Wife While Still Married to Her “I'm looking at an empty spot on the couch and I’m thinking, ‘I miss her, I really, really miss her,'” he recalled.

“So I feel like I can give her another chance, give us another chance.”Last week, he asked Donna to move back in.

But she still felt unhealthy, and realised she had to choose 'self-love' over putting her body through more strain.

She became a vegan, and started doing meditation and yoga every day.

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