Dating royal worcester back stamp marks

The backstamp on Type 3 coddlers is dull green in color.

The backstamp is underneath the glaze (i.e., it can't be scraped off with a fingernail, although we don't recommend doing this as a test, especially on an older coddler). The pedestal is often smaller than on the other types of RW coddlers.

There are variations of the major types that we will call sub-types.

Each unique subtype will be designated by an Arabic numeral followed by English alphabet letter. Note: The designation of "type" is entirely ours ...

Type 2A and Type 2B coddlers have a reference number, R #561564 in a box below the circle. This mark has been seen on a coddler with a silver lid. Type 3 backstamps consist of the characters C51 in a circle topped by a crown.

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RW produced many coddlers using the same pattern over the years.Around the inside of the circle is the stylized W that looks like wavy lines.Around the bottom of the circle written ROYAL WORCESTER ENGLAND.This backstamp consists of a W in a circle, the words ROYAL WORCESTER PORCELAIN, and MADE IN ENGLAND.This backstamp is like the previous one, with the addition of the Registered Trademark symbol ®. The difference between these types is determined by the material that was used to manufacture the screw threads of the coddler.

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