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Also similar to Bluffing the Murderer, but it relies on overconfidence rather than panic on the part of the villain.Usually the moment of demise for the Nice Character, Mean Actor, the Straw Hypocrite and the Villain with Good Publicity. , Endangering News Broadcast and Spanner in the Works.

Such a grace came my way recently as I reviewed the Gospel accounts of Jesus and the Gerasene demoniac.You know this from witnessing your own children thrill at the coming of Christmas when they were very young.The story of the Bethlehem invasion was fresh and exciting – and fantastic!Has also been the bane of the Chess Master and the downfall of the Manipulative Bastard on many occasions. Contrast Made Out to Be a Jerkass when a hero stands up to a villain results in this.The Gospels are filled with weird scenes – which you’d expect from eyewitness accounts of an incarnate God.

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