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Not to be a creep, but I totally creeped HARD on Khalid.His Instagram and Twitter are totally devoid of any potential significant other.She’s such a cool girl, she’s so nice, and she’s such a sweetheart.I’m just thankful that she’s in the video because I’m pretty sure it’s not the first thing that we’re going to be in together. The chemistry is there, so definitely the song or the piece or whatever would be great.He told I feel like growing up with my mom was the foundation of my (interest in music). I was raised through music, and I’ve been interested in it since I was three. Khalid experienced an extremely tough move when he and his mom packed up for El Paso, Texas from the small town of Carthage, New York as he started his senior year of high school.When he moved, he left behind a group of friends and a longtime girlfriend.Harmony Day is a national observance and not a public holiday in Australia.Harmony Day is an Australian Government program that centers on the message that “Everyone belongs”, reinforcing the importance of inclusiveness to all Australians.

This lifestyle mixed with his mother's influence made Khalid the music-obsessed person that he is.

If you're ever looking for new music to add to your Spotify or just want to enjoy overall powerful figures in the music business, I highly recommend checking out Khalid.

At just 19, the singer already took home Best New Artist at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards, making him a must-watch on the music scene.

As a response I wrote ‘Saved,’ which is a story of resentment and loneliness.

Every time we’re around each other we always have so much fun.

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