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This can range from harmless pitches on the street, beach, or shopping area to buy souvenirs, marijuana, or services like hair-braiding, to bogus offers of tourist-guide services, to racial slurs aimed at white visitors and sexual harassment of women.

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If you rent a car, avoid parking on the street if possible: look for a spot inside a residential compound, in a parking lot with an attendant, or within your view.Tourists in Jamaica have been robbed as they slept in their hotel rooms, so be sure to lock all doors and windows at night and keep valuables in a safe and secure location, such as the in-room safe.Credit-card skimming is an ongoing problem in Jamaica.Other Hazards Hurricanes and tropical storms can hit Jamaica, sometimes causing significant damage. Nightclubs can be overcrowded, and often are not in compliance with fire-safety standards.Jet ski accidents in resort areas are uncomfortably common, so use caution whether operating a personal watercraft or enjoying recreational activities in waters where jet skis are present. citizens in Kingston is the University of the West Indies (UWI) at (876) 927-1620.

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