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Earlier this year 7.30 lodged a Freedom of Information application with the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC), which is responsible for ACORN, requesting figures on how many reports ACORN had passed on to police.

The commission provided data showing ACORN received 39,487 reports last year and 22,710 reports in the first six months of this year.

This makes it more convenient than having to call a customer service representative to have a question answered about billing or inquiry issues.

It also provides the ability to compare service consumption over a 3-year period to determine usage patterns. You will need your utility account number to request a new PIN.

We are not able to accept check-by-phone or deduct a payment from a checking account online.

The commission used an exemption in the Freedom of Information Act that allows agencies to withhold information if they believe it could jeopardise their operations."Once a report has been submitted, the ACORN system automatically refers suitable reports to law enforcement agencies for consideration and possible investigation."Melbourne woman Anna Krien waited almost a year before receiving a response from the police after making a report to ACORN.Citizens can also pay their utility bill through this system.Currently, the Town offers bank drafting, where customers can have funds drawn from their checking or saving account, to pay their water bills.If your water/sewer account is disconnected for non-payment (or about to be disconnected), please do not pay the bill through the Town of Prescott Valley Online Payment option.Instead, please contact the Customer Accounts Division at 928-759-3020.

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