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Without looking at me, she moved around the room, taking off her jewelry and her shoes; then she went into the bathroom and emerged in her nightgown and robe.She came to me with a tentative smile and said, "let me get you loose, and then we can make this up to each other." She took the handcuff keys and released me. [This is a continuation, at the author's open invitation, of hansbwl's story entitled "Does Honesty Pay? You should read that story first.] * When Susan came back into the room she had the oddest look on her face.She blushed, and said, "I'm sorry I had to put you through that, honey."I'm not the kind of wife who thinks 'what she doesn't know won't hurt her,' Keith.What he did to me—and what he did to YOU above all—is despicable.I ate a quick sandwich, then found the infamous videotape and cued it up to the start of her sex scene with Tim.

I pushed her away angrily and said, "get your fucking hands off me, you bitch! But this—this 'revenge' of yours, went way beyond anything reasonable. Three guys I'll have to see again, and face their smirking looks and condescending jokes!" She looked at me in wounded shock, but before she could speak I went on. And you made me sit here and watch it, you rubbed your adultery in my face! Then I came home and told you the truth, and I apologized to you from the bottom of my heart."I was completely honest with you about my mistake. And you repay me by humiliating me, by hurting me deliberately and cruelly, far beyond what I accidentally did to you.Tim, who had followed me in, tried in a panic to stop me, but I grabbed his arm and twisted it behind his back. " "Please, Jane, just start the tape—everything will be clear in a moment." Reluctantly, and ignoring Tim's desperate howls of protest, she put the tape in the VCR. She grabbed one of his tennis shoes that was lying near the sofa and whacked him in the head with all her strength. Finally I went to Jane, took the shoe from her, and gently led her to a chair on the other side of the room. Under my relentless questioning, Tim told her the whole story: my supposed cheating, Susan's desire for revenge, and even that I'd never had sex with Judy—it had been Tim's idea of a joke."I don't want to hurt you, Tim, but Jane needs to see this." He started to yell at her to call the police, and Jane looked at me in confusion and alarm. In no time Tim and Susan appeared onscreen in my bedroom, undressing one another. " Now that it was too late to stop me Tim ceased his struggles, and I pulled him over to an armchair. Through it all Jane listened with a look of icy rage on her face.

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