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Mr Pavlovsky, a former Kremlin spin doctor, told Ms Sobchak has two obvious routes to get the cash: either use money from shadow government budgets or get oligarchs to cough up, presumably with a nod from the Kremlin.On Monday evening, the lack of success in finding finance was highlighted with a dramatic walkout by the campaign’s elections manager, Alexei Sitnikov.“I believe that they will underestimate me,” she says.“I think I have a chance to pass between Scylla and Charybdis.” A third option in a choice between the lesser of two evils.For Ms Sobchak, however, that label is by now an anachronism, a cliche used by unprofessional journalists in the West.It’s like referring to Reagan as an actor, she argues.Even as a kid, he was no more than a grey blur, she says; a modest, quiet person that nobody, least of all she, paid attention to.“He was with my father all the time, but I didn’t find him interesting,” she says.

Yes, he is a man who is capable of extreme measures to get what he wants.

There was little doubting her authenticity here, if only because there is no obvious electorate for such elite politics in Russia.

In summary, Ms Sobchak is pro-market, pro-trickle down, pro-equal pay, pro-feminism – though Aeroflot does have the right to dismiss ugly stewardesses, pro-LGBT – “guys, normal countries put this issue to bed 50 years ago”, and she is critical of the President’s military intervention in Ukraine and Syria.

And the Falkland Islands too – that wasn’t nice; they were Britain’s own Crimea.

One wonders what the grocer’s daughter would have made of the salacious side of a woman once known as the Russian Paris Hilton.

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