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It is frequently not related to contact from another player. ACL reconstructions have been going on for roughly half a century but the recent strides have been significant.Paul Gascoigne, for instance, was out of the game for 16 months after rupturing his ACL in the 1991 FA Cup final. Zouma had surgery this week and the process is arduous.I think we've really got to look at this because there is a problem.

But I have not seen any evidence that would suggest that the new style of pitches, which often have a nylon mesh woven into the turf to stop it cutting up, are responsible.

Unperturbed, David explained that the tassels were as much a part of him as they were the sombrero, by means of a heart-warming oration which bordered on the poetic.

Yet Helen simply didn’t buy this, expressing her harsh opinion on the matter by belching the word “bullshit” in between canapés.

For people afflicted with disability, dating can often be a daunting process.

Whilst the afflicted person has, much like anyone else, an insistent longing to enter into a loving and fruitful relationship, they are inevitably anxious of the thought that, upon first encounter, their prospective significant other will be too closed-minded to look past their disability to observe the kind, sexual soul that inhabits them. David has been single now for what is approaching ten years, ever since developing a rare psycho-associative condition which causes him to compulsively wear a simply enormous novelty sombrero.

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