Who is usher dating august 2016

Donald Trump has taken the oath of office to become the 45th US president.

Follow us live as DW reports on everything you need to know about the controversial real estate mogul and his historic inauguration.

Around his neck he wears a glittering gold pouch that looks to me like a luxury hand-grenade.

It’s filled with crystals—a creation of his wife’s, he tells me, designed to harness various energies. Sometimes I wear amethysts.” As if reading my mind about the grenade thing, he adds: “There are many different things we can arm ourselves with.”Usher has enjoyed such success that he needn’t arm himself with anything; many in his position would be content to rest on their laurels.

But, with President Donald Trump's foreign policy plans for the continent unclear, nobody is really sure how Africa will feature on the US agenda.Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but NOLA ladies’ man August Alsina didn’t let the date slip away without showing his fans a little love.Taking to his Instagram page, August did a brief a capella rendition of his fan-favorite “Kissin’ On My Tattoos” in honor of V-day. President-elect Trump's unprecedented call with Taiwan's leader and his subsequent tweets have caused a lot of friction in Beijing.China and Taiwan are waiting to see what policy will take shape after he takes office.

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