Xmobar stuck on updating Scotland sex chat

i've basically closed my macbook pro for good now i think.

you can view the shortlog of the road from standard distro to my own personal heaven at [2]. Since then, it's been a fix for window titles in xmobar, and updating to dmenu_run instead of dmenu_path (July 25th).

My mail client does everything I want except for that :( For me, mutt can rewrap, but slrn does not (there's also some interesting failures to decode messages where =20 ends nearly every line...).

I don't know if things have changed since I was using KDE's PIM suite, but KNode and KMail would wrap to the setting or the editor window's width, whichever was less.

I wish to create a shortcut for "go to previous/next visited location" in an opened window. $ ghi The program 'ghi' is currently not installed. I removed it and installed Ubuntu 13.10 in its place.

You can install it by typing: sudo apt-get install github-cli $ sudo apt-get install github-cli Reading package lists... I have a Gigabyte wireless mouse (m7600), and ubuntu 13.10 freshly installed. At first the performance was great, much better than Win8 and it booted up ...

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